Selenium Online Training

Advanced Selenium Webdriver Online Training Program

Our Goal :

The training will cover features and components of Selenium Webdriver to enable participants to write good automation scripts. In addition to scripting in Selenium, this training will also cover examples of Automation frameworks using Selenium Webdriver. Each individual will get a right approach for using Selenium Webdriver. Learning Selenium will add great value to your profile as several companies are looking out for Selenium Professionals.

selenium webdriver online training

Who should attend?

  • IT professionals and students who would like to build a career in software testing
  • Quality Assurance Practitioners and Managers
  • Team leaders who are responsible for interacting with testers



Our Selenium training Course Modules :

  • Basic knowledge of Test Automation and  any Programming knowledge
  • Introduction to Automation
  • Preparation for Automation
  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Webdriver Setup
  • Creating first script using Webdriver
  • Locating Web Elements by Web Driver- UI Map
  • Methods in Selenium
  • Verification Point in Selenium
  • Reporting in Selenium- Testing
  • Synchronizing Webdriver scripts
  • Debugging a Webdriver script in eclipse
  • Pop up handling and Working with Child Frames/Windows
  • Working with Data Files
  • Working with Dynamic Objects
  • Exception handling
  • Batch Execution
  • Automation Frameworks

At the end of Selenium WebDriver Testing training, everyone will be able to understand Selenium WebDriver tool in depth, its features & components, Write good Automation scripts, Create Robust and Reusable scripts with the Framework Implementation.

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