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The present day and age, software testing is considered as a boon of the IT industry and any IT professional in UK will have to be proficient enough to land up in a highly lucrative job if they have undergone preliminary ETL training. We have a team consisting of industry experts who have seen the pros and cons of the field for years together and have brought the most holistic and detailed ETL testing program for our candidates in order to make sure that they are well versed with each and every aspect of software testing. Firstly, demo classes are taken in order to give an idea about the syllabus and strategies that will be implemented for effectual training. Firstly, let us look into the types of ETL training programs that are available in UK.

Types in ETL Testing:

ETL Testing UK is divided into six sub-categories. These range from data quality to data completeness, scalability and performance, user-acceptance testing, integration testing and data transformation. These are further branched with full-load testing, initial load testing, Incremental-load testing, SQL queries for ETL testing and many more subsidiary testing programs. The program also incorporates several ETL tools such as Informatica, IBM Data Stage and Ab Initio. Now let us move on to the course structure of ETL Testing training.

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