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The post of business analyst is a highly demanding job and comes with lots of challenges and hurdles. But in order to be proficient in business analysis, one needs to go through a course as it is the best way to learn about business analysis. But you need to know the right courses which are being offered online since BA training courses are easily available, but choosing the right one is a tedious process. The right course will totally polish your knowledge regarding business analysis and will give you a vivid idea about the hurdles that can come in your way. Let us look into some Business Analysis courses that are available in UK.

BA courses available in UK

  • SMART BA: – This training course boasts of a wide variety of training methods related to business analysis. The module extensively covers topics such as functional analysis, data modeling, process modeling, etc.
  • BUSINESS ANALYSIS EXPERTS: – This site has a program that goes by the name of KnowledgeKnuggets. This course consists of small videos which cover the basics of Business Analysis and the students are at discretion to choose from a range of 44 Knuggets. The topics include Business analysis tactics and a brief summary of business analysis. If you visit the website, then you will come across free ebooks as well. Furthermore, BA Experts website provides a self-paced e-learning course on BA for free.
  • BUSINESS ANALYST MENTOR: – A course by the name of “The Insider’s Guide to Core Techniques for Successful Business Analysis” is being offered by Business Analyst Mentor. It covers the most efficient business analysis practices and throws light on prototyping, case modeling and many more topics that are relevant.
  • THE PROFESSIONAL TRAINING ACADEMY: – This academy offers a course named “The Art of Defining Complex Problems via BA skills club. This course gives a very vivid idea about the ways to spot a complex problem and coming up with an effective solution to tackle it. There are many techniques which are taught as a part of this course. Some of these include Observation, Journey Mapping, Interviews, etc that can be used to solve the most tedious of problems. Interactive videos have been put up on the website and test materials are also provided in order to make the learning process better for candidates.

Thus, if you wish to apply for BA training in UK, then you must be well aware of the courses that are available on the internet and the best among them.

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